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npm scripting: configs and arguments... and some more tricks 954 Go there!
Uninstall package with NuGet–and remove dependencies 827 Go there!
Pre and Post hooks for npm scripting 528 Go there!
package.json: engines & engineStrict - and how to use them 354 Go there! - sharing is learning 255 Go there!
EADDRINUSE when watching tests with mocha and supertest 206 Go there!
Share your internet connection via WiFi on Windows 8.1 206 Go there!
How to get Google Analytics to work for your Single Page Application 194 Go there!
Using tags in SpecFlow features 191 Go there!
npm scripting: git, version and deploy 161 Go there!
SOAPUi and testing WCF Services – how I made it work 161 Go there!
SpecFlow.exe and MsTest 155 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: supertest is a nice way to test an api 153 Go there!
Setting up a complete Node development machine. From scratch. For free 147 Go there!
Two types in SpecFlow; ScenarioContext and FeatureContext 107 Go there!
Get started writing NodeJs with CoffeeScript - not a piece of cake 91 Go there!
The only easy day was yesterday - this is a message of hope 84 Go there!
Reading the Scrum Guide 78 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Express is best without generators 78 Go there!
MongoDb and the "10309 Unable to create/open lock file" on Ubuntu 70 Go there!
Creating a tools only NuGet package 69 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: monk is an easy way to access MongoDb 68 Go there!
Riot.js: anatomy of a tag 65 Go there!
First AWS Lambda steps - using ClaudiaJs 61 Go there!
Creating a local NuGet repository with dependencies bundles 61 Go there!
Clean up your steps–use page objects in SpecFlow step definitions 60 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - a closer look through her testability 53 Go there!
My mouse pointer disappeared in Visual Studio when using a dark theme 52 Go there!
Using BDD with SpecFlow, WPF and White 45 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - test-dialogues with Requests and Response 44 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - configure her boot...strapper 42 Go there! - sharing is learning 40 Go there!
Specification by example and Model based testing 38 Go there!
App.config for SpecFlow using MsTest 38 Go there!
Context injection of driver object in SpecFlow 37 Go there!
How to apply a pull request on GitHub with TortoiseGit 33 Go there!
The walking-turn-up-the-good-retrospective 32 Go there!
Splitting a Koa app into parts and putting it together again 30 Go there!
Log4Net, RollingFile named by Date and the staticLogFileName setting 30 Go there!
Creating a 'Movie credits' animation in Keynote 28 Go there!
About 27 Go there!
The nervous stats checker oscillating syndrome 27 Go there!
Koa Js and the power of mounting 27 Go there!
WCF Config: How to configure wsHttpBinding for no security 26 Go there!
SpecFlow.Assist.Dynamic–what is it? 25 Go there!
Building a Slack command with Claudia bot builder 24 Go there!
Comments on common board practices - Focus on the work - not the workers 23 Go there!
Speed up Jekyll site regeneration 23 Go there!
Displaying XML in WebBrowser control 23 Go there!
Some thoughts after running the marshmallow challenge with kids 22 Go there!
AWS Lambda/Claudia part II - Storing stuff 21 Go there!
What I've learned from 'How to measure anything' 21 Go there!
Specification by example with SpecFlow in TFS and the question of traceability 21 Go there!
KoaJs and the "SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier" error - or "that time when I understood generators" 19 Go there!
Our fear of forgetting important things 18 Go there!
Pickles - generate SpecFlow documentation from MsBuild and PowerShell 18 Go there!
SpecFlow.Assist.Dynamic–how to use it 18 Go there! posts reposted 17 Go there!
Testing with Claudia 17 Go there!
Installing CasperJs - a journey of pain 17 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Let's flex Koa Js, shall we? 17 Go there!
Comments on common board practices - blocked should not be a column 16 Go there!
Making dynamic chart in Excel 16 Go there!
Meteor and the 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token Y' error 16 Go there!
Supertest: Verify database after request 16 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Basic Authentication with Koa 16 Go there!
Managing BDD features in our project (using TFS) 16 Go there!
SOAP UI - a great way to do integration tests for services 16 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - testing (razor) views 15 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - no hat, no shoes with Simple.Data 15 Go there!
SpecFlow, page objects and FluentAutomation 15 Go there!
Custom tool warning: cannot import wsdl:portType 15 Go there!
ClaudiaJs and console.log 14 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: mocha is cool both as framework and test runner 14 Go there!
Cucumber / SpecFlow pro tip: push HOW down 14 Go there!
Error “The provider did not return a ProviderManifestToken string” with SQL Compact Edition 14 Go there!
ASP.NET MVC "The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter” 14 Go there!
AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher 14 Go there!
Comments on common board practices - Todo/Doing/Done is not your process 13 Go there!
“Waiting” should be a note and not a column 13 Go there!
Contact me 12 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Package.json is a mighty tool 12 Go there!
Know where you step–generate a step definition report with SpecFlow 12 Go there!
Changing endpoint from the command line when testing services with SOAPUi 12 Go there!
ODP.NET - ArrayBindSize and Size for PLSQLAssociativeArrays 12 Go there!
Comments on common board practices - Done? There is no Done 11 Go there!
Big room planning - a workaround that can be useful 11 Go there!
Create textfile on the fly in build scripts 11 Go there!
Error message "Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Enterprise.ASPNetHelper" when deploying 11 Go there!
Moving items in a CheckedListBox 11 Go there!
KoaJs: Making the make file test, push and all that 10 Go there!
Find the control–a way to stabilize UI automation… a bit 10 Go there!
How to press F9-F12 in a Parallels Desktop Windows Image 10 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - executable specifications through the full stack, in memory 9 Go there!
WebService studio - tools for testing webservices 9 Go there!
Delayed responses with AWS Lambda and Claudia (Pingu part II) 8 Go there!
How to add and translate subtitles for your YouTube video in 10 minutes 8 Go there!
Customize your SpecFlow templates and more 8 Go there!
Repost: The time when we did Lean backwards 7 Go there!
Repost: Some tools for improved focus, improve teamwork and faster delivery 7 Go there!
Virtual PC performance tip: Multi-core support 7 Go there!
BDD with SpecFlow – some thoughts after a workshop at Elevate 7 Go there! - sharing is learning 6 Go there!
Some kanban Q & A Feb 2017 6 Go there!
Comments on common board practices - It’s not a kanban board if you don’t have a WIP limit 6 Go there!
McDonalds - a tool to explain flow 6 Go there!
Supertest: Things I've learned - part I 6 Go there!
Koa and the 'ReferenceError: Promise is not defined.' 6 Go there!
Repost: #Beyond Callbacks or How Koa helps me Code Better 6 Go there!
Repost: Mob programming – full team, full throttle 6 Go there!
Getting Visual Studio 2012 Test Explorer to work with NUnit,xUnit and SpecFlow 6 Go there!
In SpecFlow–a test runner is just glue 6 Go there!
Simple but useful generic repository pattern 6 Go there!
How to run MSTest with publish parameter as MSBuild Exec-task 6 Go there!
Send mail with VB.NET - and get notification if recipient couldn't be reached 6 Go there!
Use command line option '/keyfile' or appropriate project settings instead of 'AssemblyKeyFile' 6 Go there!
CoffeeScript - what I've should have done 5 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Deploying to Heroku (and MongoHq) 5 Go there!
A little lesson about document database modelling 5 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Git is not that hard, but I need to refresh my knowledge 5 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Callback function is cool stuff, and I even know how to write them 5 Go there!
How to use different app.config for each developer 5 Go there!
UpdateModel, FormCollection and unit test 5 Go there!
NUnit testing asynchronous events 5 Go there!
Thank you Rob 4 Go there!
My day off 4 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: npm is not only for getting packages 4 Go there!
I'm telling you for the last time - Marcus style 4 Go there!
Lean UX with effect map - from HeltSonika 4 Go there!
Low WIP, hairdressers and Lean operation strategy 4 Go there!
AppHarbor, Nancy and the Could not load file or assembly 'Nancy.ViewEngines.Razor.BuildProviders' error 4 Go there!
Some thoughts on KPI’s in agile organizations 4 Go there!
Some common Kanban questions–my suggestions 4 Go there!
BDD and technical scenarios 4 Go there!
Theory of constraints and Specification by example 4 Go there!
Group coding–a knowledge sharing tool 4 Go there!
Different appSetttings for each developer in the team - part II 4 Go there!
TF203007: Cannot create the label because the version controlled item […] already exists or has been specified more than once 4 Go there!
SOAPUi and MSBuild 4 Go there!
Delete-key in Parallels Desktop 4 Go there!
Implementing Unit Of Work with NHibernate 4 Go there!
Update AppSettings with XmlUpdate in build scripts 4 Go there!
Working directory for Build Agents and building different branches 4 Go there!
How to pass and receive associative arrays with ODP.NET 4 Go there!
TESTTOOLSTASK : warning VSP1024: Unable to open file 'file' for writing. 4 Go there!
A son is born! 4 Go there!
The data source '' only supports a single view named 'DefaultView' 4 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Express is best without generators 3 Go there!
Vasa Band does it again 3 Go there! - sharing is learning 3 Go there!
Comments on common board practices - Walk the board from right to left 3 Go there!
Some useful practices for flow oriented standup meetings 3 Go there!
Some reflections after seeing mob programming in action 3 Go there!
Flow manager - is that me? 3 Go there!
An exercise from 5 dysfunctions of a team 3 Go there!
New PluralSight course: npm as a build tool 3 Go there!
New series: Marcus on mission, vision and strategy... and doing it 3 Go there!
Config handling in Node and Heroku - with secrets 3 Go there!
Emergency lanes - some tips 3 Go there!
Showing part of Excel trend line in other diagram 3 Go there!
A good person and a bad system - my take 3 Go there!
Ugly clothing, symbols and values 3 Go there!
How to make a empty diagram in Excel 3 Go there!
Marcus Node Bit: Let's talk about yield and generators, shall we? 3 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Doing stuff in the terminal is not scary at all 3 Go there!
Repost: Weighted index – a simple, powerful prioritization tool 3 Go there!
Export all images from a Word (.doc) document ... and rename them 3 Go there!
Are you coding for change or for stability? 3 Go there!
SpecFlow.Assist.Dynamic–maxing out with Simple.Data 3 Go there!
The dynamic keyword, ExpandoObject–a short intro for me 3 Go there!
Specification by example with SpecLog–some initial thoughts 3 Go there!
Kanbanboards V–creating new boards 3 Go there!
Configure WCF in IIS for anonymous access 3 Go there!
DDD and Naked Objects 3 Go there!
Snippet for creating testmethod in C# 3 Go there!
Sending parameters to msbuild in TFS 3 Go there!
A Conchango Scrum TFS Template introduction 3 Go there!
Unable to emit assembly: Referenced assembly does not have a strong name 3 Go there!
The only easy day was yesterday - this is a message of hope 2 Go there!
Creating a local NuGet repository with dependencies bundles 2 Go there!
Comments on common board practices - Colours speaks volumes. Use colours wisely 2 Go there!
3 success factors for a big room planning 2 Go there!
Move the information to the authority considered harmful 2 Go there!
Developer failure 2 Go there!
Book review: 50 quick ideas to improve your retrospectives 2 Go there!
Me and my kidneys 2 Go there!
Requiring the os - runtime-js 2 Go there!
Getting Elixir to run on my OsX (init terminating in do_boot) 2 Go there!
Waste and why I rather talk about something else 2 Go there!
Review: Cucumber for Java 2 Go there!
Some thoughts about waste and waste reduction 2 Go there!
Simple = Good. Complex = Bad. But what does it mean? 2 Go there!
Marcus Node bits: Let's talk about Koa for a while, shall we? 2 Go there!
Javascript callbacks: can't live with them can't live without them... or can you? 2 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Should is a nice way to do asserts 2 Go there!
Impact Mapping - now helping Indonesian Hospitals 2 Go there!
Repost: Do we dare to be data-driven 2 Go there!
On lead time and important projects 2 Go there!
Nancy Fx - now you can read her too! 2 Go there!
What I'm talking about: Yes - I'm talking about changing 2 Go there!
System.InvalidOperationException: No automation provider available MsTest and FluentAutomation 2 Go there!
Ask simpler questions–agile for non-techies III 2 Go there!
Common Kanban mistakes: Not limiting WIP 2 Go there!
Theory of constraints and Specification by example part II 2 Go there!
KanbanBoards VI–OpenId Integration 2 Go there!
KanbanBoards part II–two step forward and one back 2 Go there!
No more bugs – a thought experiment 2 Go there!
A story on specification by example in two projects 2 Go there!
Resolving with Unity and Policy Injection using extension methods 2 Go there!
Trying Coding Dojo, Kata and Extreme OOP 2 Go there!
Moving items between listboxes with JQuery 2 Go there!
AspxPivotGrid – a mighty web control 2 Go there!
UTA058: The test engine cannot run tests in the assembly for out integration test 2 Go there!
Compress a string with zip 2 Go there!
Cheat-sheet for Resharper 4.0 2 Go there!
XMLMassUpdate - how to keep environment in place with MSBuild 2 Go there!
Leave my WiFi-card alone! Please! 2 Go there!
WCF - wsdl configurations explained 2 Go there!
TFS, MSBuild and Code Coverage 2 Go there!
Great tool(s) for VB.Net - Find dead code 2 Go there!
VB.NET - warnings for XML documentation, denied 2 Go there!