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Uninstall package with NuGet–and remove dependencies 116 Go there!
npm scripting: configs and arguments... and some more tricks 87 Go there!
Pre and Post hooks for npm scripting 59 Go there!
Some thoughts after running the marshmallow challenge with kids 45 Go there!
package.json: engines & engineStrict - and how to use them 39 Go there! - sharing is learning 33 Go there!
Using tags in SpecFlow features 28 Go there!
SOAPUi and testing WCF Services – how I made it work 27 Go there!
EADDRINUSE when watching tests with mocha and supertest 26 Go there!
SOAP UI - a great way to do integration tests for services 19 Go there!
Setting up a complete Node development machine. From scratch. For free 18 Go there!
SpecFlow.exe and MsTest 17 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: supertest is a nice way to test an api 14 Go there!
Share your internet connection via WiFi on Windows 8.1 14 Go there!
npm scripting: git, version and deploy 13 Go there!
How to get Google Analytics to work for your Single Page Application 12 Go there!
Two types in SpecFlow; ScenarioContext and FeatureContext 12 Go there!
MongoDb and the "10309 Unable to create/open lock file" on Ubuntu 11 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Express is best without generators 11 Go there!
UTA058: The test engine cannot run tests in the assembly for out integration test 11 Go there!
First AWS Lambda steps - using ClaudiaJs 10 Go there!
Riot.js: anatomy of a tag 10 Go there!
Context injection of driver object in SpecFlow 10 Go there!
Creating a local NuGet repository with dependencies bundles 10 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - test-dialogues with Requests and Response 9 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: monk is an easy way to access MongoDb 8 Go there!
The only easy day was yesterday - this is a message of hope 7 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - a closer look through her testability 7 Go there!
Creating a tools only NuGet package 7 Go there! - sharing is learning 6 Go there!
Creating a 'Movie credits' animation in Keynote 6 Go there!
Get started writing NodeJs with CoffeeScript - not a piece of cake 6 Go there!
Pickles - generate SpecFlow documentation from MsBuild and PowerShell 6 Go there!
App.config for SpecFlow using MsTest 6 Go there!
Supertest: Verify database after request 5 Go there!
Cucumber / SpecFlow pro tip: push HOW down 5 Go there!
My mouse pointer disappeared in Visual Studio when using a dark theme 5 Go there!
How to apply a pull request on GitHub with TortoiseGit 5 Go there!
Compress a string with zip 5 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - configure her boot...strapper 4 Go there!
SpecFlow, page objects and FluentAutomation 4 Go there!
SpecFlow.Assist.Dynamic–what is it? 4 Go there!
Changing endpoint from the command line when testing services with SOAPUi 4 Go there!
Cheat-sheet for Resharper 4.0 4 Go there!
Displaying XML in WebBrowser control 4 Go there!
ClaudiaJs and console.log 3 Go there!
AWS Lambda/Claudia part II - Storing stuff 3 Go there!
Speed up Jekyll site regeneration 3 Go there!
Marcus Node bits: Let's talk about Koa for a while, shall we? 3 Go there!
Nancy.Testing - no hat, no shoes with Simple.Data 3 Go there!
Getting Visual Studio 2012 Test Explorer to work with NUnit,xUnit and SpecFlow 3 Go there!
Log4Net, RollingFile named by Date and the staticLogFileName setting 3 Go there!
BDD and technical scenarios 3 Go there!
Using BDD with SpecFlow, WPF and White 3 Go there!
BDD with SpecFlow – some thoughts after a workshop at Elevate 3 Go there!
Delete-key in Parallels Desktop 3 Go there!
UpdateModel, FormCollection and unit test 3 Go there!
ASP.NET MVC "The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter” 3 Go there!
Custom tool warning: cannot import wsdl:portType 3 Go there!
AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher 3 Go there!
WCF Config: How to configure wsHttpBinding for no security 3 Go there!
Share your internet connection via WiFi on Windows 8.1 2 Go there! - sharing is learning 2 Go there! - sharing is learning 2 Go there! - sharing is learning 2 Go there! - sharing is learning 2 Go there! - sharing is learning 2 Go there! - sharing is learning 2 Go there!
About 2 Go there!
Solving the underpants gnomes pitfall 2 Go there!
Claudia 1.2 - some updates that made me want to write a post 2 Go there!
ca 10 minutes on Root Cause Analysis 2 Go there!
How to add and translate subtitles for your YouTube video in 10 minutes 2 Go there!
ca 10 minutes on Vision statements 2 Go there!
Splitting a Koa app into parts and putting it together again 2 Go there!
Koa and the 'ReferenceError: Promise is not defined.' 2 Go there!
What I've learned from 'How to measure anything' 2 Go there!
How I prepare and create presentations 2 Go there!
“Waiting” should be a note and not a column 2 Go there!
Marcus Node Bits: Let's flex Koa Js, shall we? 2 Go there!
SpecFlow.Assist.Dynamic–how to use it 2 Go there!
Managing BDD features in our project (using TFS) 2 Go there!
SOAPUi and MSBuild 2 Go there!
Nice, easy and working description on how to compact a Virtual PC Image 2 Go there!
The MVC song 2 Go there!
How to press F9-F12 in a Parallels Desktop Windows Image 2 Go there!
Create textfile on the fly in build scripts 2 Go there!
WebService studio - tools for testing webservices 2 Go there!
Use command line option '/keyfile' or appropriate project settings instead of 'AssemblyKeyFile' 2 Go there!
NUnit testing asynchronous events 2 Go there!